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Our expertise in developing learning programmes in schools has a real impact on students lives. The following case study was kindly submitted by Monty Gimpel – who's career has already featured a professional football contract with Leeds United, and achieving first class honours in his Business and Management degree from Kings College London. It shows how our consulting work in schools always filters down to the students, and transforms their experience of education.

Monty Gimpel

Kings College London, Business and Management graduate

Over the past 7 Years at Ardingly, Nick has constantly improved the level of football at Ardingly College and driven it to an elite level. Having been part of his vision and academy for two years and following his progress as an old alumni, allowed me to witness the huge transformation Nick has brought about. By providing the highest level of coaching, recruiting players from around the country and world and through his wide network, Nick has managed to build an entire infrastructure around the college that created one of the most successful school teams in the country.

"Nick and his influence on the school played a major role in me securing a professional contract from Leeds United, as well as achieving very good academic grades."

Monty Gimpel | Former Pupil

He would take his personal time and devote it to additional training sessions with me, as well as travelling with me when going on trial at other clubs such as Chelsea or Liverpool. However, Nick also knew how to balance my sport with academic work, knowing when to prioritise what activity, something that proved to be vital, as I will be graduating from King’s College London this summer with a BSc in Business and Management. It is partly his personal commitment and dedication that allowed me to play two years of professional football and still being able to graduate from on of the world’s top universities three years after leaving the sport with first class honours.

What stands out about Nick to me in particular is his drive and energy towards achieving his goals. He is excellent at his job and has the best interest of his students at heart, allowing them to excel in every aspect; whether this may be their academics, sports or their personal life. Nick is very charismatic, always encouraging improvement and a caring individual. His vast knowledge and skillset, especially about sports and music, allowed me to receive a broader picture of a coach than I am typically used to from my football experiences. This makes him much more open-minded than your ‘typical’ football coach / manager and allows him to draw from a large base of knowledge when finding solutions to problems, being able to transfer concepts between different sports but applying them in similar contexts.

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