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05th December 2016

#InspireHer  |  Sevenoaks School

Our first #InspireHer event featured four amazing female athletes discussing the nuances of developing a skill in any sport to the level required to be internationally competitive. Pupils who attended got an amazing opportunity to meet the athletes face to face, and so many students submitted fantastic questions for the inspiring and entertaining panel discussion.

14th October 2016

Achieving Peak Performance  |  Royal Russell School

Our event at Royal Russell inspired incredible insight from speakers and students alike. Our elite panel provided an amazing, entertaining day packed with genuine advice and tips for a room filled with potential sportspeople of the future. Featuring Crista Cullen, Mark Hunter MBE, Frank Buglioni and James Foster, with special thanks to Saul Foulds for helping to craft an insightful talk about leadership and captaincy.

Royal Russell School Highlights

30th September 2016

Achieving Peak Performance  |  Rugby School

An all star line up of elite sportspeople – including three olympic medalists – take centre stage at Rugby School, speaking to students from across the UK about their journeys to international success. Crista Cullen, Gail Emms, Mark Hunter MBE and Darren Cheesman headlined the event, which ended with a panel discussion featuring special guests Varun Chopra and Abidine Sakande.

Rugby School Highlights

Featured Articles

For the Love of the Game

by Saul Foulds

Can you remember back to when you were a little kid? Go back to when you were in primary school and recall what activities you most enjoyed doing. A boy in my class could never wait for the next maths lesson and would spend his free time doing puzzles and solving number problems...

Balancing Education and Sport

by Abidine Sakande

I would be the first to admit that at the age of 15, I never expected to see myself pursuing a career in professional cricket. My parents had drummed into me the importance of achieving good grades in order to set me up for a professional or academic career, and I was encouraged to play a range of sports, but only for fun and for fitness.

The Challenges of Breaking into a Professional Sports Team

by Abidine Sakande

Most people would acknowledge that professional sports are stressful, with cricket particularly seeming to be a hotbed for causing mental health problems...

Practice Makes Perfect

by Nick Tester

There has been plenty written on the concept of how much practice it takes to allow a performer to get to elite level in their chosen field. Matthew Syed in his book, Bounce, talks of how it takes 10 000 hours of practice (although this, in itself, is based on Ericsson’s 1993 study into Berlin violinists), whilst there is a lot of research...

The Nutritional Needs of a Tour de France Cyclist

by Jason Hong

Arguably sports most physically and mentally challenging competition, the Tour de France lasts over 3 weeks and covers a distance of 3,535km in just 23 days – the same distance if one was to cycle from England to Cairo...

Look After Your Wheels

by Mark Nash

Over the past few weeks I did an interesting social experiment, on myself, completely by accident. I spend most of the day on my feet at work whilst also (sometimes) training!

The life of a professional exercise physiologist

by Ben Scott

Why can Mo Farah run faster over 5,000m than anyone else in the world? What made Steve Redgrave a five time Olympic Champion?

"Success is a journey, not a destination" – cliché or truth?.

by Nick Tester

What is success? Is it the winning of trophies? Or is it the moment that one gets financial gain out of winning a sports match? Maybe it is the moment when one has felt they have mastered a certain skill or technique...

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