Case Study

PRC Elite guided Joshua through his education, carving out opportunities that would otherwise have been unavailable to him. We used our influence to draw attention to his amazing football talent, and secured him a full scholarship to Ardingly College.

Thanks to his fantastic dedication, and a little help from us, he found the perfect balance between academic subjects and sport. Today he is employed by an international law firm, after graduating with first-class honours in law from Exeter University.

Joshua Higgins

Exeter University, Law graduate

The first time I spoke to Nick was after I had been selected to play for the ISFA u16 national team, where Nick was the manager. I had decided by this point to leave the private school system and attend my local 6th form college, giving up the chance to represent ISFA at any higher age group, as well as entering a completely different style of education. Nick said that he would speak to the headmaster at Ardingly College, Peter Green, as there may be something available which would enable me to attend. At first I did not get my hopes up - Ardingly was an incredible school and one that my family would not be able to afford - but a few weeks later I was invited down to the school. I meet the headmaster who said I would be able to attend Ardingly on an almost full scholarship. This was a dream come true for me!

Nick, as my assistant housemaster at Ardingly, was always there for me. I remember numerous times in the first few weeks when I was struggling with homesickness, his door was always open for me. During my time at Ardingly Nick was not only my football coach, or my teacher, but was a father figure to me.

After Ardingly I obtained a place at Exeter University to read Law. In addition, I have managed to secure a training contract at an International Law firm in London. I can honestly say I do not think I would have managed this without Ardingly college, and without Nick pushing my case to the school. I still meet with Nick regularly - he has become a close friend, and that is a testament to him. I would not be where I am today without Nick, and I will always be grateful to him for that.

"... I would not be where I am today without Nick"

Joshua Higgins | Former Pupil

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