For Families.

A bespoke family service provided by leading educationalist Nick Tester.

We help families based either in the UK or abroad to find the correct school for their child's needs and happiness. PRC Elite gives a detailed due diligence to the often muddled and difficult process of making the right choice, and beyond that: we maximise pupils chances of placing in the UK's best schools, by working closely with them throughout the application process.

PRC Elite is currently working with families from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Germany and Spain to find the right schooling for their child in the UK's independent sector.

Why Attend UK Independent Schools?

  • Known as some of the top educational establishments in the world.
  • Each school has its unique specialities, be it academic, sport, drama, music or art, yet all provide outstanding education across the board.
  • Direct links for pupils into professional works, or academies.
  • Highest standards of education leads to the best university prospects.

Why PRC Elite?

  • Countrywide knowledge of sports and educational programmes
  • Huge contact base of headmasters and department leaders
  • Personalised service - we truly care about finding a school which will give each individual the best possible start in life. We will be with you for every step in your journey to the best possible education.
  • We can provide on-going support, including links into professional sports clubs and UK universities.

How it works

The family and pupil meet Nick Tester, and complete a questionnaire to establish the pupils educational goals and strengths.
We make first contact with schools, and send you a report giving in-depth information about the schools we recommend for your child.
We'll help you develop a professional highlights video of your child to be sent to shortlisted schools, boosting your application.
Mock interviews and tutoring (where required) are conducted.
Tours and sessions at any number of the chosen schools can be arranged, including transport for the family.
Offers from schools are sent to you, and accepted or rejected.


  Gold     Silver  
Meeting with family and student, decide upon students priorities and needs through a comprehensive discussion and questionnaire
PRC Elite selects and contacts the most suitible prospective schools
Detailed report of school options
Mock interviews conducted with student
Organised tours of prospective schools including ground travel
Advice and consultancy on best offer to accept
Video reel of student professionally edited
Tailored tutoring for pupil
Continued support and consultancy for placement in sports teams, academies, professional work and educational development
For highly able athletes, trials in a professional club arranged

Abidine Sakande

Oxford University  |  Sussex CCC professional and England U17s Cricket

I first met Nick at the age of 14. His guidance and advice played a key role in pushing my standards as a junior cricketer, with 1st team opportunities at an early stage helping me to get into the England Development Programme at 16 years old. He invested more time with me than anyone to help me to achieve my goals with the EDP through to U19 level. Nick’s best attribute is his passion for sport - always creatively finding ways to make training challenging, interesting, and immensely enjoyable, demonstrating his unmatched desire to be the best.

Case Studies

Law Graduate

Joshua Higgins

The first time I spoke to Nick was after I had been selected to play for the ISFA u16 national team...

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Pupil Recruitment and Development

Matt Price

Nick's efforts ensured a careful balance between sport, preparation and recovery, and academia...

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PRC Elite guided Joshua through his education, carving out opportunities that would otherwise have been unavailable to him. We used our influence to draw attention to his amazing football talent, and secured him a full scholarship to Ardingly College.

Thanks to his fantastic dedication, and a little help from us, he found the perfect balance between academic subjects and sport. Today he is employed by an international law firm, after graduating with first-class honours in law from Exeter University.

Joshua Higgins

Exeter University, Law graduate

The first time I spoke to Nick was after I had been selected to play for the ISFA u16 national team, where Nick was the manager. I had decided by this point to leave the private school system and attend my local 6th form college, giving up the chance to represent ISFA at any higher age group, as well as entering a completely different style of education. Nick said that he would speak to the headmaster at Ardingly College, Peter Green, as there may be something available which would enable me to attend. At first I did not get my hopes up - Ardingly was an incredible school and one that my family would not be able to afford - but a few weeks later I was invited down to the school. I meet the headmaster who said I would be able to attend Ardingly on an almost full scholarship. This was a dream come true for me!

Nick, as my assistant housemaster at Ardingly, was always there for me. I remember numerous times in the first few weeks when I was struggling with homesickness, his door was always open for me. During my time at Ardingly Nick was not only my football coach, or my teacher, but was a father figure to me.

After Ardingly I obtained a place at Exeter University to read Law. In addition, I have managed to secure a training contract at an International Law firm in London. I can honestly say I do not think I would have managed this without Ardingly college, and without Nick pushing my case to the school. I still meet with Nick regularly - he has become a close friend, and that is a testament to him. I would not be where I am today without Nick, and I will always be grateful to him for that.

"... I would not be where I am today without Nick"

Joshua Higgins | Former Pupil

Matthew Price

Southampton University, Electronic Engineering Undergraduate

It's strange how, just when you think you have the next few years of your life planned out, a chance meeting or opportunity can turn those plans upside down! For me, this chance opportunity and meeting was playing at a football tournament at Ardingly College. I met Mr Tester at that tournament and after speaking with my mum, we found ourselves invited to visit the school and see what it had to offer. Having spent several, much appreciated, hours touring the school and chatting with Nick, and meeting some staff, I had, what was for me at that time, a huge decision to make. Thankfully without doubt, I made absolutely the correct decision, and after five incredible years at Ardingly College, I could never be more grateful, than for that chance meeting and for all that Nick has done for me.

Essentially, and so importantly Ardingly was not only the ideal school for pursuing my football potential, but it was the correct school for my personal and academic development too. For me, this combination had to be correct. Nick's efforts ensured a careful balance between sport, preparation and recovery, and academia, which was always central and continually reviewed. Through his constant liaison, Nick formed partnerships between school departments, the school and home, which were maintained and appreciated. Nick worked tirelessly in his belief that this holistic approach was crucial to meeting individual needs and potential, something for which I, for one, am eternally grateful.

This approach has continued to benefit my personal development as a first year Electronic Engineering Undergraduate at Southampton University, as I have very fortunately been awarded two scholarships. Firstly, I won an Institute of Engineering and Technology Scholarship, sponsored by BT, which will provide funding, mentoring and placements, for the duration of my degree, and secondly I have received a University Sports Bursary Award, which provides support and assistance across all areas of personal sport development. My interests and strengths, nurtured and developed by Nick continue to drive my ambition and aims.

"Nick worked tirelessly in his belief that this holistic approach was crucial to meeting individual needs and potential, something for which I, for one, am eternally grateful."

Matt Price | Former Pupil

Guiding young people on their paths to higher education in the UK and Abroad

PRC Elite works with families to make their choices and preparation for sixth form or higher education more detailed, whilst making the process easier and more effective. We work with prospective students in applying for sports scholarships worldwide, by helping them to create a unique reference package, developing professionally edited video footage of the performer and helping in the build up to the interview process for each separate sixth form, university or higher education institution.

Our specialist services for Sports Applicants

Video production

We can provide video coverage of the student's sports performances - both competitive fixtures and training as appropriate. The resulting footage (which can be combined with other video from external sources) is then edited into a highlights reel, showcasing the skills and fitness of the applicant. This presentation provides a significant advantage for any university applications with a focus on sport.
The perfect online CV

Students receive the ultimate CV – easily updatable and hosted online, so the same link can be sent to universities anywhere in the world, and they're guaranteed to see the most up-to-date information and content. The multi-media CV will comprise of everything needed to pitch the student to prospective universities: video highlights, references, academic achievements, sporting accolades and photography.

Having an online CV which can grow over time with new footage, achievements and references, has made it possible for me to efficiently apply to universities anywhere in the world.

Josh Magrath | Applying for Universities in the United States

Our special partnerships

An elite programme for high level performers in cricket

Darren Lehmann Academy

PRC Elite is pleased to be an official partner of the Darren Lehmann Cricket Academy...

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We're helping to develop an exemplary university sports programme

University of Nottingham

PRC Elite are proud to be working with with one of the best universities in the world...

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University Recruitment in the USA

Ethos College

Nick has time and time again proven that he is a hard working, passionate, professional that says what he means and means what he says...

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Darren Lehmann Academy

PRC Elite is pleased to be an official partner of the Darren Lehmann Cricket Academy.

The DLCA, based in Adelaide, Australia, is an elite programme for high level performers in cricket, which provides a platform for players to develop their games. Players can choose to undertake one or two ten week programmes, either side of a Christmas break, and the world reputed training regime includes physical, psychological, technical and tactical support, and is ideal for any budding cricketer who either aim to be a professional or simply want to develop their game to the highest level possible.

Since opening in 2005, the DLCA has hosted players from all over the world. The DLCA has seen 19 International players, and 100+ First Class players progress through the program. Players such as Monty Panesar, Jason Roy, Sam Billings, Samit Patel, Scott Borthwick, Joe Root, Alex Hales & Liam Plunkett are just some of the individuals who have benefitted from their time at the DLCA. We are delighted to be a partner of PRC Elite, a company that we know develops excellence in training and performance on the other side of the world to us.


I am going to the Darren Lehman Academy, Adelaide, in October as part of my gap year that I am taking after finishing Rugby School in June 2017. My main aim during this 5-month tour is to improve my cricketing ability and skills. As an all-rounder, I will focus on both batting and bowling as well as working on my fielding skills. Being surrounded by high quality coaches and teammates that I will play and train with, will give me more knowledge and support about my game. I am looking forward to learning from everything and everyone when I go out to Australia this winter.

Nick has been extremely helpful to me since he has joined coaching at Rugby School. The amount of knowledge he has about the game has helped me improve my skills dramatically, towards what was a successful school cricket season. Another major skill Nick has helped me improve is my mental strength, as he has a great method of getting messages across along with supportive and positive comments all the time. I am very grateful for all the help he has given me and I am looking forward to working with him a lot more in the future.

My trip to Australia this winter would have been significantly tougher to organize without the help of Nick and thanks to him I am about to experience an opportunity that I have always been thinking of doing.

Finn McCreath | Scotland and Warwickshire U19

Sports Programmes

University of Nottingham

PRC Elite have become a consultant to the University of Nottingham for their well renowned football programme, and our founder and Managing Director, Nick Tester, joins an international level of coaching expertise as the Football programme's director. PRC Elite are proud to be working with with one of the best universities in the world, and can work to introduce talented sports people into the degree and masters programmes. The aim is to be the best university sports (including Football) programme in the country.

"As President of the University of Nottingham Men's Football Club for the 2017/18 season I am absolutely delighted to work alongside Nick Tester in his new role as Director of Football. We were recommended Nick by one of his former students, and our former 1s Captain Josh Banfield with the promise Nick would bring a new structured programme, an enthusiastic ambition and a high quality, technical coaching ability that'll see our university progress within football and sport in general. I, along with everyone else at the University welcome Nick to our club, and we look forward to a prosperous year."

Alex Moss | President of UoN Football Club

PRC Elite works closely with Ethos College to feed our top students into universities across the USA and Canada. The partnership provides talented students with the unique opportunity to study at institutions that would normally be considered out of reach.

Chris Campasano

President & CEO, Ethos College, Phoenix, AZ

As a global sporting company, we have worked with a multitude of organisations and individuals all over the world in various capacities and have experience dealing with many people in not only the sporting world, but also in academics. Our experience working with Nick has shown that he is a rare breed of someone that not only understands sporting at a high level, but also academics as well.

He truly cares about helping his athletes succeed on and off the field and has time and time again proven that he is a hard working, passionate, professional that says what he means and means what he says! You can definitely see that he cares deeply for each and every student athletes (past and present) he has worked with. We have enjoyed working with Nick for over two years and will continue to do so in the future!

"Nick has time and time again proven that he is a hard working, passionate, professional that says what he means and means what he says!"

Chris Campasano | Ethos College President

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