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Talented Student Recruiter

Ardingly College

Nick's advanced knowledge of the independent sector, and how the recruitment of individuals affects each School and College, is unique and essential for schools to get ahead in the development of their sporting, musical and theatrical standing.

At Ardingly College, Nick was a pivotal figure in his role as 'Talented Student Recruiter' and worked hard at building contacts with feeder schools in line with the vision of the College. As a musician and sportsman, Nick's knowledge of which pupils would fit into which educational environment meant that he was able to build up the country's most successful school sporting programme in Football. Coupled with this, the programme also increased academic results by creating the right environment for these talented pupils to succeed.

Miss Georgina Dore | Head of Sixth Form, Ardingly College

"Nick's work in recruiting talented, academically strong, and, most importantly, well rounded and humble pupils to Ardingly was invaluable to our development as a college. The pupils went on to become national champions, but we also saw their grades rise, and, in Nick's last year, five of the College's 1st XI were named school prefects. He has an important skill in assessing who fits best into the culture of the College, and has been a driving force in our overall development over the recent years."

"Nick's work was invaluable to our development as a college."

Georgina Dore | Head of Sixth Form

The recruitment, and successful development of a sporting and academic programme, led to clear improvements: three years after Nick overhauled the schools sporting structures, the U15 team were national champions.
2009-2010 Plate winners: National Six a Side competition
2010-2011 Recruitment strategy started from young age groups, programme put in place for sports players.
2011-2012 Redevelopment of school sporting structures.
2012-2013 Winners of U15 and U16 County Cups
Finalists: National Six a Side competition
Ardingly Football Academy programme conceived and started (U14/U15 players)
2013-2014 Winners of U15 Rensburg Shepherd ISFA Cup (National Champions)
Winners of U16 Sussex County Cup
2014-2015 Winners of U18 Boodles ISFA Cup (National Champions)
Winners of U18 Elgin Southern League (Southern Champions)
2015-2016 Winners of U18 Boodles ISFA Cup (National Champions)
Winners of U18 Elgin Southern League (Southern Champions)

Nick's recruitment and development of a sporting programme also brought about a period from 2013-2016, where Ardingly College were the most represented school in the country for Independent School national players. In this time, four pupils completed their full education (A levels and IB) whilst being offered professional contracts to Football Clubs.

Gani Nuredini, one of the captains of football at Ardingly at the start of this process, was offered two professional contracts, whilst being offered scholarships in the USA, after gaining two A*s and one A in his A levels. He was also the English Schools Football Captain and Independent Schools Football Captain. He is now studying to be a doctor.

"At 16 years old I was faced with 2 options. Continue to play a high level of football or quit and focus on my A levels. Like most boys at my age, I had no idea what I was going to do. This is when I met Nick, who showed me a third way. He had a vision that high level of sport and high level of academic performance can work hand in hand, without either being compromised. Helping me into and through independent education was crucial to where I am today, and his coaching was as passionate as any coach I have ever worked with in professional or non league football.

However, the most important things I learnt from Mr.Tester weren’t taught in the classroom, nor were the taught on the football pitch. They came from just talking to him about this life and how he got to where he is today. After 2 years of his guidance, I knew more about how to handle success and failure. I knew more about what sacrifice meant. I found that talent alone would only get you half way to where to want to be, and that hard work takes you the rest of the way. That is why; 3 years after graduating we still keep in touch and will no doubt continue to into the future."

Gani Nuredini | Ardingly College Alumni

Nick's knowledge of recruitment also brought about success in the other sports, with several County and regional cups being won in Hockey (Girls and boys), Cricket and Basketball. As well as this, Nick's knowledge of music brought high quality choristers and orchestral players to the College.

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